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Engineering & Energy

With the premise of contributing to economic development, through integration into the production and management process, PRAREX INT'L LTD. participates by generating real investment opportunities, sources of labor, incorporating technologies and developing natural resources. The activity carried out in this area is backed by our experience in the development of investment projects in infrastructure and the execution of important mechanical, electrical, road and civil works.

Biotechnology & Agribusiness

This area is destined to generate concrete alternatives for the Agroindustry that result in a constant and sustained improvement in the quality of life of the population, generating genuine investments and avoiding the deterioration of the environment through regeneration practices.

Renewable energy

In view of the growing global needs related to caring for the environment, the greater demand for basic resources such as water and energy, combined with a great technical experience and use of specific state-of-the-art technologies, we developed a new concept applicable through integrated sustainable systems for the generation of clean energy, water and effluent treatment, and water recovery.

Financial services

Due to the evolution of financial markets in the last decade, innovative financial solutions are the key to a successful implementation of specialty financial services that generate funds for economic growth.

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