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Suelo negro


Our mission is to provide value to our shareholders and clients through the provision of Engineering, Supplies, Construction, Operation and Management of infrastructure, industrial, energy and biotechnological projects. We consider that the training of our human resources is essential to build knowledge permanently. We are committed to the development of the countries where we operate, seeking the well-being of the communities and caring for the environment.


To be the leading Engineering and Project Development Services company in terms of work method, technological heritage and human resource capabilities.

Grúa en el trabajo


Programas de Desarrollo de la Fe

We give the highest priority to the life, physical integrity and health of our employees and of all those who are related to our operations. We have a clear focus on continuous environmental improvement. We generate training spaces for the development of personal capacities and the community as a whole.

Mujer irlandesa

Local roots and respect for cultural diversity within the framework of a global vision of business. We are capable of adapting to the different countries in which we operate and to the needs of our clients, under the premise that cultural diversity is a value that enriches our management.

Clase de ingenieria

We are convinced that the development of our human resources is key to the growth of the company. A rigorous selection of professionals and a training plan focused on the optimization of personal capacities collaborate in achieving the objectives.

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